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Source programs
XML Transformations in Scheme with LAML

All examples in one document.mirror-ex.laml
HTML Rendering.mirror-ex.html
A simple XHTML document in LAML.basic.laml
The resulting XHTML page.basic.html
An XHTML page with a table in LAML.factorial.laml
The resulting XHTML page.factorial.html
The LAML source of this LENO slide page.this-page.leno
A soccer tournament source document.basic-example-doc.laml
The soccer tournament transformation program.basic-soccer-style.scm
The soccer tournament target document.basic-example-doc.html
The similar XSLT transformation program.basic.xslt
A CD album source document.short-album-ex.laml
The CD album transformation program in Scheme.music-album-transf.scm
The CD album target document.short-album-ex.html
The similar Haskell HaXml transformation program.soccer.haskell

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