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Document Description and Processing in Scheme

Kurt NÝrmark ©
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

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Page 1IntroductionPage 14Working with higher-order functions in LAML
Page 2Plan of this talkPage 15Combination of mirror functions: Tables (1)
Page 3Doing web work in SchemePage 16Combination of mirror functions: Tables (2)
Page 4Different ApproachesPage 17Open table forms
Page 5XHTML Mirrors in LAMLPage 18XML-in-LAML abstractions
Page 6The idea of mirroringPage 19How to query HTML documents
Page 7Mirroring of XHTML (1)Page 20Another way to query HTML documents
Page 8Mirroring of XHTML (2)Page 21Being a little more advanced...
Page 9Mirroring of XHTML (3)Page 22Delayed procedural content items
Page 10Mirroring of XHTML (4) - More of the same...Page 23Close to the end
Page 11Mirroring of XHTML (5)Page 24So, what is LAML really?
Page 12Character transformationPage 25Status
Page 13Summarizing the XHTML mirrorsPage 26Exercises

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Program Oriented Web Engineering - using LAML