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Elucidative Programming
Minor features

On this page we will list of number of minor details in the elucidative tools. Take alone, non of these features are of great importance, but together they may perhaps make a difference.

There is a number of finer details of the elucidator tools that are worth mentioning

  • The use of tooltips-like pop-up texts gives useful additional information from behind the scene

  • The cross reference index can be accessed conveniently from any program entity

    • Provides for flexible traversal of selected calling chains

  • Access to an on-line programming language report from the browser that presents the elucidative program

  • Editor features:

    • A command to create a new documentation bundle: M-x make-elucidator

    • A command to bring up all parts of an existing documentation-bundle: M-x setup-elucidator

    • Activation of the elucidator tool from the editor: M-x elucidate