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Elucidative Programming
The Scheme Elucidator

On this page we will address the fact that the concrete tool supports the programming language Scheme. Scheme is dialect of Lisp, and as such, Scheme is language with prefix and parenthesized notation. There is also an Elucidator for Java.

The elucidator and the editor tools are both language dependent

  • Observations about the Scheme elucidator:

    • Basically, we address Scheme define forms from the documentation side

      • Not arbitrary program fragments as in WEB-like literate programming

    • In Scheme it is possible to have program elements outside abstractions

      • Only relevant for imperative programming

      • How are these addressed from the documentation?

        • The solution: Sectional comments which names the form(s) following the comment

    • Lexical comments cause problems in the abstraction process

      • Not only in Scheme, but almost in every programming language

      • We apply a preprocessor which transform all lexical comments to syntactical comments

Scheme was chosen because it has been my main language for Internet related programming purposes