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Elucidative Programming
NWPER'2000 Questions

Here are my answers to the questions that where asked to all NWPER'2000 speakers.

  • What is the main novelty/contribution of the paper?

    • A WWW approach to internal program documentation

    • A variation of literate programming which 'leaves the program in peace'

  • How will this novelty/contribution improve SD practice or SD research?

    • It could perhaps demonstrate an attractive way to document program understanding

    • An educational effort will be needed to make a practical impact

  • What are the main problems with the novelty/contribution and/or with the paper?

    • The general reluctance to document any understanding related to the program as such

    • The problem of what to document when

  • Can the proposed approach be expected to scale to real-life problems?

    • Probably not in its current elaboration

    • We are working on variations which we hope will