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Elucidative Programming
Problems with WEB-like literate programming

Elucidative programming is meant to be an alternative to WEB-like literate programming. Therefore it is natural to identify a number of problems with classical literate programming which we attempt to remedy in our variation of literate programming.

  • The Program is embedded in the documentation
    Only few programmers want to split their programs in fragments and to organize these as parts of the documentation

  • Language mixing
    The mix of three languages in a single document is not attractive

    • Documentation language, programming language, WEB interconnection language

    • Reading and comprehension problems in the WEB-source files

  • Extra level in error handling
    Error handling is more complicated because the errors need to be mirrored in the WEB source program

    • Reasonable solutions exist

  • Paper orientation
    Most existing tools are oriented towards printed paper presentation of the literate program

Despite these problems the original ideas and tools remain to be very interesting and attractive for skilled and motivated users