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Elucidative Programming
Industrial quotes

  • "Elucidative programming is a paradigm which fits the lightweight process we use"

  • "I believe that if we did not have such an Elucidator tool, then in the best case this would be scribbled down on a piece of paper, which would eventually be scrumpled up "

  • "If I was to write the documentation completely isolated from the source code - well then it would have been completely useless - so it has to be done on the source code in some way"

  • "At first it feels like: this takes time. But I do not think this is necessarily the case"

  • "This is not end user documentation, and it is not polished analysis and design. It is actually very intimate, so on that set it reminds me a lot of this diary I have written from time to time"

  • "It is probably something you has to integrate in the process... to get it on your mind, as a daily activitiy, as a natural part, right?"

  • "I do not dare to mess with this, but I can always make a note about it - if I one day want to change something"