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Elucidative Programming
The editor tool

The editor tool for the elucidator plays a major practical role. It is important that the programmer can continue working in his favorite environment. We will assume that our programmers use Emacs. Therefore we chose be augment the Emacs text editor with elucidator support.

It is of major importance to provide for easy and flexible editor support of elucidative programming

We have augmented Emacs with elucidative facilities

  • Design objectives:

    • The editor applies a split-screen layout in the same way as the browser

    • The editor's support of the programming language is available in non-changed form

    • The creation of the doc-prog and doc-doc relations is nursed in particular

    • The major navigation possibilities - as supported by the browser - are also present in the editor

    • Emacs keeps the documentation bundle together by a special marking of the buffers involved