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Version 27: Not yet tested with SCM

Historical Remarks:

The notes below are all historial pre-version 26 remarks. The remarks are appropriate for version 20.

SCM is Aubrey Jaffer's excellent Scheme system, which we used in the early days of the development of LAML. Also for CGI programming efforts.

We left SCM, mostly because our system staff on Solaris had a hard time installing new versions. The last few years I have not used SCM with LAML on Solaris.

I installed SCM version 5d7 and SLIB version 2d5 (most recent versions as of May 2003) on Red Hat Linux. This was very easy due to existence of RPM's for both, cf. Jaffer's SCM page.

In the same way as for Guile and MzScheme-200, I adapted the existing SCM compatibility file and made it generic for all platforms and all operating systems: lib/compatibility/star_star_scm.scm.

The following minor problems exist for SCM in relation to LAML:

  1. I could not figure out how to implement the compatiblity function bound? A macro defined? exist in SCM, but it does not evaluate its parameter, of course. Thus (as noticed in newsgroups and mailing lists), defined? in Guile and defined? in SCM differs.
  2. I could not figure out how to ask for case sensitive reading. This affects the SVG mirror.

All other aspects of LAML seems to work very well together with SCM

I will assume that SCM (using the same compatibility file as for Linux) also works on Solaris, but it remains to be proven.