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LAML with MzScheme 300+ on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7

From version 32 of LAML, LAML works very well with MzScheme 300+ on Windows (2000, XP, and will also assumed on Windows 7).

Improvements of the LAML compatibility library in version 32 of LAML: The consequences of block buffering has been alleviated by forcing line buffering of the current outputport. In addition, a (tricky) redefinition of the function directory-list has been revised and corrected. In earlier versions of LAML (with MzScheme 300) this redefinition caused major problems in many LAML programs. Finally, the function sort-list has been redefined such that it now works in both version 299-301, and in version 350+ of MzScheme.

Be aware that MzScheme 300+ relies on Unicode internally. Thus, you should make sure that your LAML files are written and saved using UTF-8 encoding. If you use an 8-bit encoding, such as ISO-Latin-1, you can expect strange results if you use national characters, such as in the Danish, and German alphabet.

On Windows, LAML version 32 has been tested with MzSchme 370. Everything works fine. All examples run.