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LAML with MzScheme 200

As of June 2011 I use MzScheme 209 on Windows 7. Everything in LAML runs perfectly with these versions of MzScheme.

We only used the cgi stuff on Unix (Solaris and Linux), not on Windows.

Some historical remarks - pre version 26:

About LAML configuration and MzScheme 200+: I have made a compatibility file in lib/compatibility called star_star_mzscheme-200.scm. Currently it covers all mzscheme 200+ needs, on both unix and windows. I have made a 'hack' in the LAML configuration program such that the exec files and the emacs stuff are taken from the old mzscheme configuration when mzscheme-200 is requested. In that way fewer files are needed in the configuration part of LAML.

Version 27: Tested and OK.