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LAML Installation on Windows

It is easy to install LAML and SchemeDoc on Windows 2000 and Windows XP provided that you adhere to a few conventions:

  1. You use a recent version (300+) of PLT as your Scheme system - either MzScheme or DRScheme (which includes MzScheme).
  2. You install LAML or SchemeDoc in C:\programs\

Thus, you will need the following organization (for LAML and SchemeDoc respectively):

C:                        C:
 programs                   programs
    ...                        ...
    PLT                        PLT
       ...                       ...
       MzScheme.exe              MzScheme.exe
       ...                       ...
    laml                       schemedoc
       bin                       bin
       lib                       lib
       ...                       ...

Notice the use of the programs directory instead of Program Files. In general, the latters causes problems for Unix related software (such as Emacs).

It can also be recommended to install GNU Emacs in C:/Programs, but it is not necessary; Emacs can be installed in a directory of your choice.

If you adhere to the conventions from above, you can install LAML by executing

in the downloaded LAML distribution, or just by activating (opening)

from Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

Kurt Nørmark