Extra XML aspects

Character references

LAML supports character references, such as å directly. 'Strange characters', such as > and < can be reached in this way. Please consult the LAML source to see how character references are given in the LAML source.

XML comments

In case the real document source is an LAML file (written in Scheme), we can and should use Scheme comments. However, in some cases it is desirable to have real XML comments in the generated HTML/SVG/LENO file. If you view the underlying HTML code of this page, you will see several XML comments. The LAML source shows how to write XML comments in your original source.

CDATA Sections

CDATA Sections are typcially used for style and script contents that contain <, &, or > characters: Here follows a CDATA section, which you can see in the HTML source, but not in the rendered text: 7 xx ]]> . Notice, however, in this context, that LAML is very helpful for conversion of <, & and >. This is done via use of the HTML character transformation table.

Processing Instructions

A processing instruction is an XML technicality for telling something to an application, which processes the document. Here is an example:

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