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Overview of XHTML1.0 transitional examples - with validation

The examples in this directory introduces the XHTML1.0 transitional, validating mirror. This mirror uses the XML-in-LAML framework.

In reality, the there are only little to illustrate, compared with XHTML1.0 strict. However, we have added some rather important examples that illustrate XML comments, CDATA sections, use of ID attributes, Processing Instructions, and delayed procedural content items.

The following examples exist in this directory:

Hello world hello-world.laml hello-world.html
A simple page simple-1.laml simple-1.html
A page with generation and modification times times.laml times.html
A relaxed page lenient.laml lenient.html
An error message text page error-message-test.laml error-message-test.html
Demo of XML comments, Processing Instructions and CDATA sections extra.laml extra.html
Demo of ID, IDREF, and IDREFS attributes id-idrefs.laml id-idrefs.html
Demo of delayed procedural content items delayed-procedural-demo.laml delayed-procedural-demo.html
Another demo of delayed procedural content items auto-meta.laml auto-meta.html
A demo of an addapting page adapting-page-demo.laml adapting-page-demo.html
Custom elements custom-element.laml custom-element.html
Mixed LAML and XML notation mixed-laml-xml.laml mixed-laml-xml.html
UTF-8 test utf-8/utf-8-test.laml utf-8/utf-8-test.html

If your browser will not present files with 'laml' or 'scm' extensions you should disable any special handling of these extensions on your system. In that way they are treated as pure text files.  


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