LENO Tutorial Demo

Kurt NÝrmark
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark


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This is a LENO demo lecture, which is part of the LAML tutorial.

The easy section

The first page
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Title annotation of the first page

We have now started the real authoring process.

We did this by M-x leno-insert-point, or from the LENO Emacs menu: ' Insert Point '

  • This is an item

    • with a single subitem

  • We made it with M-x leno-insert-items.

    • The leno-insert-items prompts us for the number of items and the number of subitems

It is also possible to make the item from the Emacs LENO menu, using 'Insert items' or 'Insert simple items'.

The concept programmatic authoring: By programmatic authoring we mean authoring of documents via use of programmaing programming expressionsIn LENO we use programmatic authoring.



Programmatic authoring in Scheme

Authoring in a TeX language

A page with graphics
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We will now make a page with a graphical image

Figure. The first image - the most basic form of the image clause. The first-image.gif file must be located in the graphics and graphics/small directories.

Figure. Another graphics example using the image clause. In this example we use a few attributes of the image mirror function.

A page with a source program
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LENO is often used for teaching material about programming. Therefore the source-program LENO element is important.

Program: The negate function. This function is really from the SchemeDoc part of the LAML tutorial.

Program: The fac function. This is the classical recursive edition of fac.
;; Calculate the factorial of n.
;; .parameter n An integer
;; .pre-condition The integer must be non-negative.
;; .returns n!
(define (fac n)
  (if (= 0 n) 1 (* n (fac (- n 1)))))

Program: The fib function. This is the classical recursive edition of fib, which is very time consuming.


LENO Tutorial Demo
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