When we write '<' and '>' these characters are translated to HTML character references &lt; and &gt;

Notice, in the LAML source, how the previous paragraph is written. We make good use of the HTML transformation table.

The character < can also be written as a character entity < or <. This looks strange in the rendered page, but take a look in the LAML source.

Special characters can also be used, for instance Λ and Ω. Please take a look in the LAML source.

Attribute values can also contain character entities. We illustrate this with the id of the enclosing paragraph.

Attributes values may even contain the '<' character. The reason is that LAML converts it to &amp;. See again the attribute of the enclosing paragraph.

In the id of this paragraph we test character references in css attribute values. This is not useful, however, and probably even in conflict with the basic CSS syntax. We should really include some basic CSS validation in LAML to deal with this problem.