A simple page

This page demonstrates a few of the functions in the HTML 4.0 loose library.

This paragraph has been emphasized by means of the em function.

Notice the use of space suppressing to avoid white space between "function" and "."

The above paragraph is not valid, because we emphasize a p element using the em element. It should be the other way around: emphasizing the contents of the pagragraph, like done here...

Let us also show a simple table, which is one of the real convenient elements in LAML. Here we use one of the convenience functions:

Here is some
tabular text

Above, we see a table in a paragraph - within a p element. This is not allowed - and the validator finds out of course.

Let us make another table, using the HTML elements directly. This is quite attractive using the new HTML mirror library, because the element contents can be a list (to any depth):

This is row 1
is row 2
This is row 3
This is row 4

This ends this simple page.