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Overview of HTML4.01 examples - with validation

The examples in this directory use the simple-html4.01-transitional-validating style. It means that they use the most advanced HTML mirror in Scheme. For illustrative purposes some of the examples document are invalid. Try process the examples and experience LAML's warnings.

We use the write-html procedure from the laml.scm library to write the generated HTML form to a file.

Notice the 'prolog/epilog' example which illustrates how the usual HTML prefix and suffix are easily dealt with in LAML.

The following simple examples exist in this directory:

This index index.laml index.html
Hello world hello-world.laml hello-world.html
Non-valid hello world hello-world-non-valid.laml hello-world-non-valid.html
A simple page simple-page-1.laml simple-page-1.html
A simple page with surface forms surface-1.laml surface-1.html
A page with css attributes surface-css.laml surface-css.html
Escape example escape.laml escape.html
Character entity example chararacter-entities.laml chararacter-entities.html
Prolog/Epilog example pro-epi.laml pro-epi.html

See also additional examples, which are related to a recent paper about LAML.

If your browser will not present files with 'laml' or 'scm' extensions you should disable any special handling of these extensions on your system. In that way they are treated as pure text files.  


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