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Overview of HTML4.0 examples

The examples in this directory use the simple-html4.0-loose style. It means that they use one of the most advanced HTML mirror in Scheme, without validation, however. The first examples illustrate the same pages as in simple pages.

The following simple examples exists in this directory:

This indexindex.lamlindex.html
Hello worldhello-world.lamlhello-world.html
A simple pagesimple-page-1.lamlsimple-page-1.html
A simple page with surface formssurface-1.lamlsurface-1.html
A page with css attributessurface-css.lamlsurface-css.html
A page done with write-htmlwrite-dome-1.lamlwrite-demo-1.html

If your browser will not present files with 'laml' or 'scm' extensions you should disable any special handling of these extensions on your system. In that way they are treated as pure text files. 


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