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LAML SchemeDoc and Manuals

A LAML manual is described by an XML-in-LAML file. By processing the LAML file a set of HTML files are generated.

Below we show four different kinds of LAML manuals, including the interface to SchemeDoc. We also show how we have made the Reference Manual of the LAML Manual facility from its XML DTD.

The third column gives access to the internal auxiliary manlsp file, which contains a list of association lists. Each association list describes the properties of a single entry (manual page or manual section) in a SchemeDoc manual.

Example LAML HTML Internal manlsp files
Manual extraction with Schemedoc man-1.sdoc man-1.html man-1.manlsp
Manual - written from scratch man-2.sdoc man-2.html man-2.manlsp
An naked XML DTD Manual man-3.sdoc man-3.html man-3.manlsp
An augmented XML DTD Manual man-4.sdoc man-4.html man-4.manlsp
Nested documentation of point.scm man-5.sdoc man-5.html man-5.manlsp
SchemeDoc Manual - a real life XML DTD example schemedoc.sdoc schemedoc.html schemedoc.manlsp

A sample SchemeDoc Index Browser and its LAML source that covers man-1, man-2, and man-4.

Examples related to the paper Scheme Program Documentation Tools


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