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Overview of LENO examples

The following simple examples exists in this directory:

This indexindex.lamlindex.html
LENO Single Chapter ExampleLAML sourceindex.html
LENO Multi Chapter ExampleChapter 1 LAML source
Chapter 2 LAML source
notes.scm common definitions
post-notes.scm common definitions
LENO Meta exampleLAML meta exampleHTML meta example
Slides of LAML presentationLAML source of the slidesHTML slides
Slides of brief LAML presentationLAML source of the slidesHTML slides

The last two examples represent real slide sets used to present LAML in various talks. The latter of these illustrates the trail facility of LENO via which slides from various slide sets (or lectures) can be selected without making copies of the original slides. The trail facility uses a frame with a tiny navigation bar to the left of the main window.

If your browser will not present files with 'laml' or 'scm' extensions you should disable any special handling of these extensions on your system. In that way they are treated as pure text files. 


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