<head><title>WEB Programming in Scheme - the LAML approach</title></head>
      <h1>WEB Programming in Scheme - the LAML approach</h1>
         The paper 
         <a href="http://www.cs.auc.dk/~normark/laml/papers/jfp.pdf">
            <em>WEB Programming in Scheme - the LAML approach</em>
         is written for people who are interested in functional programming. 
         <a href="abstract.html">abstract</a>
         is available as a separate page.
      <p>The paper contains the following sections:</p>
         <li>Markup language mirroring</li>
         <li>Programming with the HTML mirror functions</li>
         <li>Raising the level of abstraction</li>
         <li>LAML overview</li>
         <li>Reflections and similar work</li>
      <p>There exists other papers about LAML, such as:</p>
            <a href="http://www.cs.auc.dk/~normark/laml/papers/www2002/p296-normark.html">
               Programmatic WWW authoring using Scheme and LAML
         Kurt Normark 
         <a href="http://www.cs.auc.dk/~normark">http://www.cs.auc.dk/~normark</a>