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HTML examples

The following HTML examples exists in this directory:

Original HTML fileOriginal HTML file (verbatim)Parsed HTML filePretty Printed HTML filePretty Printed HTML file (verbatim)

The example above illustrates an example html file (about.html) which is taken from the description of HTML 4.0. The file about-verbatim.html shows the HTML version of the file (verbatim, with all HTML special character protected (escaped)). The file about.lsp is the Lisp syntax tree, pretty printed with the Scheme pretty printer. The file about-pp.html shows a pretty printing of about.lsp. It should render the same way as the original about.html. Finally, about-pp-verbatim.html lets you see the HTML pretty printing (HTML protected, or escaped if you like).

Please notice that only few of the links in about.html works, because the file is taken out of its context.

The LAML file, which produces this page, makes all the example files. If you are curious what it looks like, it is here for you to watch. 


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