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Elucidator 2 examples

The following elucidator examples exist in this directory:

Example Setup file Documentation file HTML Program files
Simple example simple/simple.laml simple/simple.laml simple/simple.html simple/sample.scm
Time conversion time/time.laml time/time.txt time/time.html time/scheme/time.scm
Name bindings name-binding/name-binding.laml name-binding/name-binding.laml name-binding/name-binding.html name-binding/demo.scm
Versioning and program evolution versions/version-demo.laml versions/version-demo.laml versions/version-demo.html versions/src/prog1.scm and versions/src/prog2.scm

See also the examples related to the paper Scheme Program Documentation tools

The Scheme Elucidator Home Page is also relevant.


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