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LAML Chord Examples

There is short supply of open music. We are fortunate that software people are less eager to protect their work! I have been careful to select sample songs, which are not copyright protected.

The following LAML chords examples exist in this directory.

Song Title key LAML Chord file HTML File
Op al den ting som Gud har gjort C op-al-den-ting-som-gud-har-gjort.chord op-al-den-ting-som-gud-har-gjort.html
Oh! Susanna F oh-susanna.chord oh-susanna.html
Oh! Susanna C oh-susanna-1.chord oh-susanna-1.html

You should observe that the second version of "Oh! Susanna" has been automatically transposed, by means of the transpose attribute of the song-froont-matters element.

See also the LAML Chords reference manual.


Generated: Monday, April 12, 2010, 08:30:21