The visions and the work in the HyperPro Project: Abstract

This paper is written to give an overview of past, ongoing and future work in the area of hypertext and programming environments at Aalborg University. In the past, the main emphasis of our work has been on data modeling and storage aspects of hypertext. Our current research focuses more directly at programming environments. Our hypothesis is that the node-link representation, inspired by hypertext, together with the basic interaction and working style known from hypertext systems can be taken as the starting point of a generic (language independent) hyperstructure programming environment. In such an environment all the important structural as well as semantical relations, at some chosen level of granularity, should be represented in a uniform way, via the link concept as known from hypertext. In the present paper we describe our visions with this kind of programming environments.

Available as Technical report R-93-2012 from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Institute for Electronic Systems, Aalborg University

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