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Virtuals in Beta

  The virtual mechanism in Beta [14] is a generalization of the virtual mechanism in Simula. There are several dimensions of generalization. First, it is possible to have virtual patterns, where a pattern can be used to model procedures as well as classes. Second, a virtual pattern in a pattern P may be further bound in a chain of subpatterns of P. If, e.g., P2 is a subpattern of P1 which again is a subpattern of P, a virtual in P may get contributions from additional bindings in P1 as well as from P2. In the imperative part (the statement part) of a virtual pattern it is possible to use the keyword inner to define how the imperatives in the virtual pattern should be combined with the imperatives in further bindings of the pattern. Third, it is possible to control whether a binding of a virtual in a pattern is a final binding in contrast to still being open.

Regarded as open points, virtuals in Beta are not much more general than those in Simula. The basic problem is still that open points simulated via virtual patterns are closed too early relatively to the execution time of the program. As for Simula, we claim that Beta does not provide mechanisms that allows simulation of open points. It is, however, worth noticing that the binding of an ``open point'' in Beta can be a combination of several contributions from a chain of subclasses. (This supports our notion of multiple bindings of open points, as discussed in section 1 and 3 of this paper.) In Beta the combination is programmed explicitly via the use of inner.

Kurt Noermark
Wed Mar 6 09:44:24 MET 1996