Installation: Scheme Unit Testing via Emacs

Downloading the tool: The tool is currently bundled with LAML (starting with version 31) so if you have installed LAML with Emacs support you already have the tool available. In the future we may provide for a self-contained version of the tool.

Installing the tool: You must add a fragment Emacs Lisp code to your .emacs file, namely:

  (load (concat installation-dir "scheme-interpreter-unit-testing.el"))
  (add-hook 'inferior-lisp-mode-hook (function (lambda () (define-test-menu-in-comint))))

You can start your Scheme Interpreter with M-x run-scheme-interactively.
You should now see a "Unit Testing" menu in the menu bar of Emacs. You can now get additional help and support by activating the Help menu entry in the Unit Testing menu.

Required additional software:
Needless to say, you should use GNU Emacs (either on Unix or Windows).
You will also need the PLT Scheme system, at a minimum MzScheme. If you have DrScheme everything is fine, because then you also have MzScheme.
Finally, you must have the Schematics SchemeUnit framework.

Kurt Nørmark