Scheme Unit Testing via Emacs

Under construction. Not yet complete!

Summary: This is an Emacs tool that facilitates testing of Scheme programs via use of an existing Scheme Unit testing framework.

Context: I will assume that you are a Scheme programmer, and that you use Emacs for both editing and for execution of Scheme programs. More specifically, I will assume that you use the Inferior Lisp mode in Emacs for testing and execution of your Scheme programs. In this context, I am confident that you testrun most of your Scheme functions via sample function applications. The tool can, in principle, be used together with any Scheme interpreter, but the applied Scheme testing framework (see below) is bound to PLT (MzScheme), and this means that this tool is also bound to PLT Scheme.

Mission: Given the context from above, it would be attractive to be able to collect and preserve selected test executions as testcases, and to organize these in testsuites. The present tool allows you to connect to a given testsuite, and to add testcases to this testsuite in a very flexible way (involving very few extra keystrokes). In addition, the tool is able to generate a Schematics testsuite, and to execute it. Thus, in a nutshell, the present tool is an Emacs tool for testcase bookkeeping. The tool interfaces to an existing tool for Scheme Unit testing, namely Schematics SchemeUnit .

How to get and install the tool: In case you want to use the tool, you must download LAML and carry our a few things in your .emacs file. Details.

How to use the tool: The tool manifests itself as a toplevel menu entry in Emacs when you run the Scheme command interpreter. Please bring up the 'help on unit testing' file within Emacs.


Disclaimer: Aalborg University and Kurt Nørmark shall NOT be responsible for any harm caused by the use of this tool.

Kurt Nørmark