File and Directory Jumping

Summary: This is a tiny Emacs utility that allows you to jump directly to a named file or directory. You can use this utility to point out directories and files that you frequently work on. Directories are handled via Emacs dired. The use of this utility makes it possible to shourtcut a lot of tedious directory traversals.

How to get and install the utility: If want want to use this utility, you must download the file jumping.el

I recommend that you organize your jumping places in a separate file, which must hold an association list, such as

     ("jumping" . "/user/normark/lisp/jump-places.lsp")
     ("p2025" . "/user/normark/projects/p2025/")
     ("prog5" . "/user/normark/courses/prog5/prog5-05/prog5-05.laml")

You must bind the association list to the variable jump-places. This should be be done in the following way from your .emacs file

  (setq jump-places (jmp-file-read "name-of-jump-place-file"))

after you have loaded jumping.el.

Also, in your .emacs file, you can bind the jump command to a keyboard shortcut:

  (global-set-key "\C-c\C-j" 'jump)

How to use the tool: The jumping command can be activated by M-x jump. Less central commands are also available: save-buffer-at-jumping-directory and insert-jump-directory. The command M-x load-jump can be used to reload your jumping places after you have edited you jump place file.

Kurt Nørmark