Abstract of the paper

"DYNAMO - A set of Tools for Dynamic Modelling".

Kurt NÝrmark, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark.
April 1997.

The DYNAMO work is about modelling in terms of objects, object relations, and object interaction. Our work contributes to the branch of object-oriented design called dynamic modelling. Our basic approach is to develop scenarios early in the design process, and to automatically derive information about classes, class relations, and methods from the scenarios. A scenario is a concrete example of interaction among objects. The objects may be pre-existing, or they may be provided as integral parts of the scenario. As an important part of our work we have implemented an environment that allows us to build and explore dynamic models. In this paper we will describe our experience with the development of the tools in the DYNAMO environment. The main insight in the paper is about the internal model representation (in terms of abstract syntax trees) in relation to the external views (in term of textual presentations as well graphical interaction diagrams).

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