Abstract of the paper

"Tools for Presentation and Animation of Dynamic Models in Object-oriented Design".

Lars Iversen, Per Madsen, and Kurt NÝrmark, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark.
March 1998.

Modelling the dynamic aspects of an object-oriented design is important to gain concrete insight into the ways objects interact and relate to each other. A similar insight may be obtained from a static model, but at a more abstract level and in a more indirect way. Dynamic models are usually presented as graph-based diagrams in which the vertices are objects and the edges are messages or relations among objects. In this paper we study such diagrams as the basis for tools in a dynamic modelling environment. We are especially interested in different ways to present time in such tools. One particular approach is to present ``time by time'', hereby leading to animation of dynamic models. By introducing the idea of `design by animation' we aim at a radical improvement of the presentation and manipulation of dynamic models in contemporary CASE tools.

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