Author: Kurt NÝrmark, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Title: Dynamic Models in Object-oriented Design.

Abstract:Dynamic modeling in the scope of object-oriented design is discussed and clarified. A dynamic model is seen as an abstraction of the actual program execution. In contrast, a static design model is seen as an abstraction of the program description in which the structural relationships are emphasized. The central hypothesis behind this paper is that designers and programmers think in terms of objects instead of classes, because objects and object relations are more tangible than classes and class relations. As a consequence it is recommended that dynamic design models are worked out prior to the construction of static design models. In the paper a dynamic OOD model is developed as an abstraction of the actual program execution model. A dynamic exploration tool, which works on the abstract execution model, is also described. The dynamic exploration tool is seen as a medium which matches the properties of the dynamic design model.