Abstract of the paper

"Towards an Abstract Language for Dynamic Modelling in Object-oriented Design".

Kurt NÝrmark, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark.
April 1997.

Modelling with objects at a concrete level is attractive as a supplement to modelling with classes. The former is known as dynamic modelling and the latter as static modelling. This paper is about a language for describing dynamic models. The language is defined at an abstract level, thus allowing us to concentrate on the underlying conceptual issues rather than more superficial ones such as diagrammatic notations. Our dynamic modelling is supported by a set of tools called DYNAMO. In this paper we concentrate mainly on the concepts of the abstract modelling language, but we do also touch on the DYNAMO tools.

The paper will be presented at Tools'97 USA in July, 1997.

To see the context of this work: The DYNAMO home page.

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