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Lecture 3

Basic facilities, Part 2

Kurt NÝrmark
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University

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Page 1Basic facilities - in this lecturePage 15The free store
Page 2Lambda expressionsPage 16Input and output in C++
Page 3Type conversion - Grand OverviewPage 17Overloaded operators and IO
Page 4Implicit type conversionsPage 18Standard streams - and files
Page 5Explicit type conversionPage 19Stream State
Page 6Examples of castingPage 20Manipulators
Page 7Function OverloadingPage 21More manipulators
Page 8Function Overloading - more detailed rulesPage 22Logical program organization
Page 9Function Overloading - ExamplesPage 23More namespaces
Page 10C-style text stringsPage 24Namespace resolution
Page 11C++ style text stringsPage 25Physical program organization
Page 12Strings - examplesPage 26Example of program organization
Page 13Vectors in C++Page 27Example of program organization - with namespace
Page 14Vectors - examples

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