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Lecture 5

Abstraction Mechanisms, Part 2

Kurt NÝrmark
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University

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Page 1InheritancePage 21Is repeated inheritance possible?
Page 2Inheritance in C++Page 22Is repeated inheritance possible? No!
Page 3Inheritance: Constructors and destructorsPage 23Member access: private, public and protected
Page 4Examples of inheritance: Constructors and destructorsPage 24Base class access: private, public and protected
Page 5Inheritance: Copying and slicingPage 25Base class access
Page 6Virtual FunctionsPage 26Base class access - the C++ rules
Page 7Examles with virtual functionsPage 27Base class access - Examples
Page 8Destructors and Inheritance - Virtual DestructorsPage 28Discussion: No single most general class in C++
Page 9Hiding inherited namesPage 29Templates
Page 10Abstract ClassesPage 30Templates - overview
Page 11What about interfaces in C++?Page 31Templates versus generics in Java, C# and C++
Page 12What about nested classes in C++?Page 32Class templates in C++
Page 13What about prevention of derivation in C++?Page 33Example - Point<C>
Page 14Pointer to membersPage 34Example - Point<C,dim,default_value>
Page 15Multiple InheritancePage 35Function templates
Page 16Multiple inheritance - issuesPage 36Policies with Templates
Page 17Multiple inheritance - issues and C++ solutionsPage 37Example of Policies with Templates
Page 18Multiple inheritance: AmbiguitiesPage 38Template Specialization
Page 19Replicated base classPage 39Example - Specialization of Point<C> to Point<char>
Page 20Shared base class: Virtual basesPage 40Specialization of class templates - complete and partial

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