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Notes about C++

From C to C++Exercise 1.1C Time functions from time.h
 Exercise 1.2Functions with struct input and struct output
 Exercise 1.3Specialization of persons with a union type
 Exercise 1.4An array of functions
 Exercise 1.5Dynamic allocation of persons and addresses
Basic facilities, Part 1Exercise 2.1Another example/exercise with C++ references
 Exercise 2.2Pointers in combination with references
 Exercise 2.3Contrasting use of C# and C++ classes: Class Point
Basic facilities, Part 2Exercise 3.1Get some experience with lambda expressions in C++
 Exercise 3.2String functions
 Exercise 3.3Understand Vectors
 Exercise 3.4Understand the way we program and use output stream manipulators
Abstraction Mechanisms, Part 1Exercise 4.1Use of constructors with object on the free store
 Exercise 4.2Move constructors and copy constructors
 Exercise 4.3Point destruction - now with a problematic point copy constructor
 Exercise 4.4A variant of the unique_ptr program
 Exercise 4.5A variant of the shared_ptr program
 Exercise 4.6Conversion via constructors
 Exercise 4.7Discuss encapsulation, visibility and access
Abstraction Mechanisms, Part 2Exercise 5.1Slicing an object during parameter passing.
 Exercise 5.2Hiding inherited names
 Exercise 5.3Study the examples of nested classes
 Exercise 5.4Ignoring constructors in virtual base class
 Exercise 5.5Friends and 'enemies' of a class with private and public bases
 Exercise 5.6No single most general class in C++
 Exercise 5.7A template class with friends
The Standard Library and MetaprogrammingExercise 6.1Working with static_assert

Possible solutions can be found on the lecture specific exercise page (first column)

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