Current Ph.D. Students

  • Andreas Berre Eriksen (co-supervisor Manfred Jaeger)
  • Isabella Kaufmann (co-supervisor René Rydhof Hansen)
  • Alexander Krogh (co-supervisor Manfred Jaeger)
  • Mikkel Hansen (co-supervisor Giovanni Bacci)
  • Mathias Ruggaard Pederser (co-supervisor, main supervisor Radu Mardare)
  • Frederik Meyer Bønneland (co-supervisor Jiri Srba)
  • Søren Enevoldsen (co-supervisor Jiri Srba and Arne Skou)

Graduated Ph.D. Student

  • Line Juhl (co-supervised w Jiri Srba)
  • Claus Thrane (co-supervisor w Uli Fahrenberg)
  • Mads Christian Olesen (co-supervised with Réne R. Hansen)
  • Mikael Harkjær Møller (co-supervised w Jiri Srba)
  • Mikkel Larsen Pedersen
  • Marius Mikucionis: Testing Real-Time Systems, 2010
    Co-supervisor: Brian Nielsen
  • Saulius Pusinskas: Model based Testing of Communication Protocols, 2010
    Co-supervisor:  Arne Skou
  • Shuhao Li: Games and Scenarios for Real-Time Validation, 2010
    Co-supervisor: Brian Nielsen
  • Ulrik Nyman: Distributed and Compositional Analysis and Model Checking, 2008
  • Jacob Illum Rasmussen: Resource Optimal Scheduling, 2007

  • Arne Skou: Validation of Concurrent Processes – with Emphasis on Testing, 1989
  • Liu Xinxin: Specification and Decomposition in Concurrency, 1992
  • Klaus Havelund; The Fork Calculus, 1994
  • Jens Chr. Godskesen: Timed Modal Specifications – A Theory for Verification of Real-Time Concurrent Systems, 1994
  • Josva Kleist: Models for Object Orientation
  • Jørgen H. Andersen: Parameterized Process Algebras and Logics, 1998
  • Augusto Burgueno Arjona: Model-Checking via Testing and Parametric Analysis of Timed Systems, 1997
    supervision as BRICS summer Ph.D. Student
  • Brahim Mammas: Parameterized Verification, 1998
    supervision as BRICS summer Ph.D. Student
  • Kaare Kristoffersen: Compositional Specification and Analysis of Real-Time and Hybrid Systems, 1999
  • Henrik Ejersbo Jensen: Abstraction Based Verification, 2000
  • Thomas Hune: Analyzing Real-Time Systems: Theory and Tools, 2001
  • M. Oliver Möller: Validation and Verification, 2002
  • Gerd Behrmann: Data Structures and Algorithms for the Analysis of Real Time Systems, 2003
  • Andrzej Warsowski: Automatic Codegeneration from UML models, 2004
    visiting PhD student from IT-U
  • Per Madsen: Object Oriented Testing (not completed) Co-supervisor: Kurt Nømark
  • Gregorio Diaz: Modelling Real Time Systems , visiting Ph.D. Student.
  • Martijn Hendriks: Symmetry Reduction for Real Time Systems, visiting from Nijmegen University, Twente.
  • Johan Ernits: Modelling and Analysing Embedded and Hybrid Systems, visiting PhD student from Tallin, Estonia
  • Michael Westergaard: From CPN to UPPAAL, visiting PhD student from DAIMI, Aarhus, Denmark
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