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My colleagues and I receive surprisingly many requests for internships from Indian students. However, we do not have internships for students in our department. We have never had internships, and in all likelihood we never will. Please do not apply.

I am a Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University.

My teaching responsibilites

This semester, I supervise two masters dissertations in computer science and a group of two students working on their bachelors' dissertation for a joint degree in computer science and mathematics. I also give the course on Syntax and Semantics to second-year students in the same degree programmes.

My research

My research area is that of process calculi and structural operational semantics, the study of the expressiveness of process calculi and how ideas from process calculus theory, structural operational semantics and static program analysis can be used to reason about e.g. cryptographic protocols. Among my primary research interests are variants of the pi-calculus.

I am placed in the research unit for Distributed and Embedded Systems. I am also a member of the Danish Mathematics Society aka Dansk Matematisk Forening and of ACM.

A book

My book Transitions and Trees - An Introduction To Structural Operational Semantics has now published. You can buy it directly from Cambridge University Press or - for instance - via Amazon.

My other publications

Here you can find all my publications in PostScript/PDF format

Administrative matters

I am a member of the Academic Council for the Faculty of Healt, Science and Engineering and a member of the study board for computer science.

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