Given at Conferences and Meetings

Informal or Invited

  • Quantitative Algebraic Reasoning: an Overview,
    Aug 2020, EXPRESS/SOS 2020 (Virtually on Zoom) (slides)
  • On the Metric-based Approximate Minimization of Markov Chains,
    Jan 2017, REPAS Meeting (Ljubljana, Slovenia) (slides)
  • Metric-based State Space Reduction for Markov Chains,
    Jan 2017, QuantLA Seminars (TU Dresden, Germany) (slides)
  • Complete Axiomatization for the Bisimilarity Distance on Markov Chains,
    Sep 2016, DEIS Seminar (Aalborg, Denmark) (slides)
  • Converging from Branching to Linear Metrics for Weighted Transition Systems,
    Apr 2016, WATA 2016 (Aalborg, Denmark) (slides)
  • Converging from Branching to Linear Metrics on Markov Chains,
    Dec 2015, IDEA4CPS Meeting (Beijing, China) (slides)
  • On the Total Variation Distance of Semi Markov Chains,
    Dec 2014, invited talk @Focus Seminar (Bologna, Italy) (slides)
    Sep 2014, IDEA4CPS Meeting (Aalborg, Denmark) (slides)
  • Finding a Forest in a Tree,
    Nov 2014, Breakfast Talks (Aalborg, Denmark) (slides)
  • Computing Behavioral Distances, Compositionally,
    Aug 2013, MT-LAB Meeting (Copenhagen, Denmark) (slides)
    Jan 2013, invited talk @Dagstuhl Seminar 14041 (Dagstuhl, Germany) (slides)
  • Structural Operational Semantics for Continuous State Probabilistic Processes,
    May 2012, Breakfast Talks (Aalborg, Denmark) (slides)
The slides might contain imprecisions and/or errors that have been consciously introduced to keeping the content at a reasonable level of simplicity for focusing only on the key ideas. For a rigorous formal description of the subject one should always refer to the papers.

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