10th International Conference on User Modeling

WORKSHOP on Decentralized, Agent Based and Social Approaches to User Modelling

(DASUM 2005)

organized in conjunction with

10th International Conference on User Modeling

July 25, 2005, Edinburgh, UK

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Program Committee:


Julita Vassileva (co-organizer)
1C101 Engineering Bldg, 57 Campus Dr.
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK, CANADA S7N 5A9

Peter Dolog (co-organizer)
L3S Research Center,
University of Hannover,
Expo Plaza 1,
30539 Hannover,

PC Members:

Previous Experience of the Organizers

Julita Vassileva has served as program co-chair (with Piotr Gmytrasiewicz) of UM’2001.  She has organized or co-organized several workshops:

  • Special Interest Group Meeting on User Modelling and Information Retrieval at UM’94 (chair),
  • Workshop on Instructional Planning at EuroAIED’96 (co-chair, with Barbara Wasson),
  • Workshop on Multi-Agent Architectures Supporting Distributed Learning in a Wired and Wireless Future associated with AIED'2001 (chair)
  • Workshop on Teamwork and Coalition Formation, at AAMAS’2002 (co-chair, with Onn Shehory, John Yen, Thomas Joerger)
  • Workshop on Teamwork and Coalition Formation at AAMAS’2004 (co-chair, with Onn Shehory and Gal Kaminka)

Peter Dolog has extensive experience in the area of the web engineering, semantic web and adaptive learning environments. He has recently served on a number of program committees including:

  • Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing’s Special Track on Web Technologies and Applications
  • the Workshop on Adaptivity and User Modelling in Interactive Software Systems (ABIS'04)
  • Workshop on Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for Adaptive Educational Hypermedia (SW-EL'04) (he co-organized a session at AH'2004)
  • the Workshop on Applying Adaptive Hypermedia Techniques to Service Oriented Environments at AH'2004