Advanced topics in Distributed Systems (Autumn 2007)

The aim of the graduate course on distributed systems is:

  1. to broaden your knowledge on distributed systems by discussing research related topics uncovered in earlier courses,
  2. to support your project work by studying topics related to (but not necessarily directly) your projects,
  3. exercise you in reading, understanding, assessing and presenting scientific work and publications.

See also the study regulations and pay especially attention to the format of the project exam at Dat5/SSE3.

In the course we will study topics in distributed end embedded systems related to your projects and distributed systems in general, grid computing, embedded java, model-based testing and verification. Throughout the course each student is expected to present two research papers. Each lecture will include two research papers presentations. Each presentation should last at most 30 minutes, followed by a discussion on the subject and an evaluation of the presentation form and feedback to the presenter.

The course exercises consist preparing for the presentations. If your are not presenting a paper for a given lecture you are expected to read the paper ahead of the lectures and are required to prepare at least three questions for discussion following the presentations.

Lecture Plan

Wednesdays from 10:15-12:00 room in 0.1.12,

Lecture Date Lecturer Topic
1 12/9 ASk+BN Course Introduction, How to present a paper
2 19/9 Alexandre
Nicolas J.A. Cothereau: Verifying Real-time Properties of CAN Bus by Timed Automata (pdf)
Guillaume Delaite: Analysis of Zeroconf Using Uppaal (PDF)

Tutorial on Uppaal.

3 26/9 Alexandre
Faith: Statecharts: A visual formalism for complex systems (PDF)
Edouard: A survey of approaches for the visual model-driven development of next generation software-intensive systems (PDF)
4 3/10 BN Elisa  Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications
Anthony:  GHT: a geographic hash table for data-centric storage
5 10/10 ASk Olivier  Dynamic adaptation of network connections in mobile environments (PDF)
GPRSWeb: Optimizing the Web for GPRS Links. (PDF)
6 17/10 BN CANCELLED due to lack of participation
7 24/10 ASk Anthony TorX: Automated Model Based Testing. + Testing theory in practice: A simple experiment (yes both papers :-) )
Faith Generating Test Data From State-based Specifications.
8 31/10 BN Nicolas J.A. Cothereau: Mobile Computing Middleware (PDF)
Guillaume Delaite XMIDDLE: A Data-Sharing Middleware for Mobile Computing (PDF)
9 7/11 Alexandre Olivier Real-time programming safety in Java and Ada.  ADA User Journal 23:2 (June 2002) 105-113. PDF
Elisa: The Design and Performance of the jRate Real-Time Java Implementation LNCS  Volume 2519/2002 (PDF)
10 14/11 BN Edouard Model-based Testing with UML Applied to a Roaming Algorithm for Bluetooth Devices. PDF.
CANCELLED (SICK) Jacob  Online Testing of Real-time Systems using Uppaal,
11 21/11 BN Anthony Buron:  A Virtualized Link Layer with Support for Indirection (PDF
CANCELLED (SICK)Jacob  Online Testing of Real-time Systems using Uppaal,
12 28/11 Alexandre Faith: Field Testing a Wireless Sensor Network for Reactive Environmental Monitoring, Nicolas J.A. Cothereau Wireless Network Security and Interworking 
13 5/12 Alexandre Jacob  Online Testing of Real-time Systems using Uppaal, Guillaume Delaite Changed: Vulnerabilities and Possible Attacks Against the GPRS Backbone Network .
14 12/12 ASk Elisa Disconnection modes for mobile databases, Edouard Gourdin Two-Level Proxy : The Media Streaming Cache Architecture for GPRS Mobile Network
15 19/12 Alexandre Jacob Eskildsen Architecture and Prototyping of an 802.11-Based Self-Organizing Hierarchical Ad-hoc Wireless Network, Olivier Monsonego Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: Challenges and Solutions.



Name 1. Presentation 2. Presentation 3. Presentation
Elisa O. Vejero
3/10 7/11 12/12
Nicolas J.A. Cothereau
19/9 31/10 28/11
Olivier Monsonego
10/10 7/11 19/12
Guillaume Delaite
19/9 31/10 5/12
Edouard Gourdin
26/9 14/11 12/12
Anthony Buron 3/10 24/10 21/11
Faith Oziofu Ogini Nielsen
26/9 24/10 28/11
Jacob Eskildsen
10/10 5/12 19/12


Presentation technique

Find papers

List of Selected Papers

Low Bandwidth Communication

Mobile Data Communication

Embedded Systems Design


Distributed systems

Exo-Kernels (Anders)

Embedded Systems and Java

Model Based Development and Testing


Runtime Verification / Predicate Abstraction