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License Agreement


Copyright (c) 1995-2007 by Uppsala University and Aalborg University.

We (the licensee) understand that Uppaal-TIGA includes the programs: uppaal-tiga.jar, uppaal, and verifytga and that they are supplied "as is", without expressed or implied warranty. We agree on the following:

  1. You (the licensers) do not have any obligation to provide any maintenance or consulting help with respect to Uppaal-TIGA.
  2. You neither have any responsibility for the correctness of systems verified using Uppaal-TIGA, nor for the correctness of Uppaal-TIGA itself.
  3. We will never distribute or modify any part of the Uppaal-TIGA code (i.e. the source code and the object code) without a written permission of Wang Yi (Uppsala University) or Kim G Larsen (Aalborg University).
  4. We will only use Uppaal-TIGA for non-profit research purposes. This implies that neither Uppaal-TIGA nor any part of its code should be used or modified for any commercial software product.

In the event that you should release new versions of Uppaal-TIGA to us, we agree that they will also fall under all of these terms.


You have read the license agreement and agrees with its terms to download Uppaal-TIGA.

Download TIGA 0.18 for Linux.

Download TIGA 0.17 for Linux/Windows.

Download TIGA 0.15 for MacOS X.


The manual (updated 9/8/07) is available separately from the distribution. You can access it from here.

Known Issues