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Welcome !

This page is presenting the course of Real-Time Software (TSW 2010). You can find all the information relative to this course on this page and some materials linked to the course. This course will be given in english and will last 15 lectures of three times 30 minutes (with a break of 5 minutes in-between). The course will be given by Alexandre David and René Rydhof Hansen, with two guest lectures given by Brian Nielsen and Jens Alsted.


Students are expected to know some programming language, typically Java, C, or even ADA, to understand the examples in the course. Students will very probably use some C++ in their projects, though quite little and this will be tight to the API corresponding to one given OS (OSEK). In addition you are expected to have followed a course on algorithms and data structures, and know basics on computer architecture and operating systems.

Course Objectives

This course aims at teaching basics on real-time systems with a focus on the software side. The goals are to get a theoretical understanding of the real-time aspects of computing in terms of scheduling, timing, concurrency, and correctness, as well as a practice through the projects. The course will address practical issues early so you can move on with your projects. The course will also give you techniques and tool to analyze real-time systems.

Text Book

The main text book choosen for this course is Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages: Ada, Real-Time Java and C/Real-Time POSIX by Alan Burns and Andy Welling, 4th revised edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN-13: 978-0321417459.

Additional Materials

Keen students may want to consult these links for additional inspiration on the subject:

Course Grading

This is a PE course so you will be assessed through your project exams. Your supervisors will be properly informed of the curriculum of the course and will be asked to check that you do know important concepts of the course and that you have applied them in your projects.


Any question or remark relative to the course is welcome.