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This is the successor of E-FancyLauncher. On the utils page.
E-monitor 0.2
E-monitor is a multiple monitor epplet. It features CPU, memory, swap, network monitoring functions, APM, clock and date. The philosophy is to have a lightweight monitor but still VERY configurable and lighter than gkrellm. All the colors are customizable, as well as the background, size, orientation, border...
Known bug: the network monitor explodes when switching on/off the network in certain unknown circumstances, coupled with suspend mode... restart and you're safe.
Configuration window
E-cpu 1.2
E-cpu is a CPU monitor epplet. System, user and nice usage are shown in different gradient colors. Percentage is displayed as a gradient as well. Colors are fully customizable via a configuration window. Refresh rate can be set.
Size and orientation of the epplet are set at start-time from the configuration file that you have to edit for these settings.
Configuration window.
E-kbd 1.0
E-kbd is a keyboard switching epplet. It allows to change the mapping of the keyboard with a simple click as Gkbd does for the Gnome panel. The configuration is however simpler.
E-FancyLauncher 0.7
E-FancyLauncher is a button launcher epplet. It features customizable sizes, layout, tooltips, icons, commands and transparent background! All this at run-time and via a configuration window.
Wheel mouse is supported.
Configuration window.
E-Clock 0.2
This is a hacked version of Rasterman's E-Clock (distributed in the epplet base library). The added feature is a tooltip that displays the date when the epplet has the focus.
E-Mixer 0.3
This is a hacked version of Tim Gilbert's E-Mixer (included in the epplet base library). New layout options are supported.
E-run 1.0
E-run is a simple command launcher epplet. It is derived from Jacob Kuenzel's own E-Run to learn epplets. Please refer to Jacob's E-Run if you want maintained versions, he is the original author.