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License Agreement


ECDAR is a joint effort between Aalborg university, INRIA, and ITU. It uses components from UPPAAL and for this reason its license includes the license of UPPAAL.

Copyright (c) 1995-2010 by Uppsala University and Aalborg University.

We (the licensee) understand that ECDAR includes the programs: uppaal.jar, ecdar, server, and verifytga and that they are supplied "as is", without expressed or implied warranty. We agree on the following:

  1. You (the licensers) do not have any obligation to provide any maintenance or consulting help with respect to ECDAR.
  2. You neither have any responsibility for the correctness of systems verified using ECDAR, nor for the correctness of ECDAR itself.
  3. We will never distribute or modify any part of the ECDAR code (i.e. the source code and the object code) without a written permission of Wang Yi (Uppsala University) or Kim G Larsen (Aalborg University).
  4. We will only use ECDAR for non-profit research purposes. This implies that neither ECDAR nor any part of its code should be used or modified for any commercial software product.

In the event that you should release new versions of ECDAR to us, we agree that they will also fall under all of these terms.


You have read the license agreement and agrees with its terms to download ECDAR.

Download ECDAR 0.10 for Linux/Windows / ECDAR 0.10 for MacOS X.

Known Issues