VisualUL 1.0

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VisualUL is a graphical user interface to edit UL++ which is an object oriented language to model real time systems. This work has been carried out as my Msc project. This program is a prototype and aims at showing that an object oriented approach may be useful to model systems with timed automata.
UL++ stands for UPPAAL language++. UPPAAL is a verification tool developed jointly by Uppsala University and Aalborg University which uses timed automata. UL++ brings hierarchy and object orientation to UPPAAL to ease the modeling task and the verification task.
This page is not intended to be an exhaustive manual, but a short introduction on VisualUL. The interested user should read the Msc report for more information on UL++ .
One interesting feature of VisualUL is that it is able to translate a system description in UL++ to UPPAAL so that verification and even simulation can be performed with the existing tool.

Example HR

Jump station

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