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Contact the Team

Uppaal is developed in collaboaration between the Department of Information Technology at Uppsala University (UPP) in Sweden and the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University (AAL) in Denmark.

The people involved with development and application are Kim G. Larsen (Professor, AAL), Wang Yi (Ph.D., Professor, UPP), Gerd Behrmann (Associate Professor, AAL), Paul Pettersson (Ph.D., UPP), Alexandre David (Assistant Professor, AAL), Emmanuel Fleury (Lecturer, Bordeaux, France), Brian Nielsen (Associate Professor, AAL), Arne Skou (Associate Professor, AAL), John Håkansson (Ph.D. Student, UPP), Jacob Illum Rasmussen (Ph.D. Student, AAL), Pavel Krcál (Ph.D. Student, UPP), Ulrik Larsen (Ph.D. Student, AAL), Didier Lime (Lecturer, Nantes, France), Marius Mikucionis (Ph.D. Student, AAL), and Leonid Mokrushin (Ph.D. Student, UPP).

Mailing Lists

Uppaal has an open discussion group at Yahoo! Groups intended for users of the tool. To join the group, email, to post use To email the development team directly, please use uppaal(at)list(dot)it(dot)uu(dot)se.